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Мы пошли по тому же пути 
11:57pm 31/03/2011
  Мы пошли по тому же пути, что и Вы сразу - дать как можно информации о товаре. Но скажу очевивидную вещь, да, - клиент будет ходить к Вам за информацией, но это не значит, что он будет покупать у Вас. Он, получив всю инфу, пойдет забьет в поиск нужную вещь и будет искать, где дешевле ее купить. Как и любой человек, как и мы с вами, да? Это не значит, что этого не надо делать, пусть клиент ходит и, может, он чего-нибудь да и купит когда-нибудь. Но не это дает покупателей, это только одна составляющая и не самая главная. Главная - это удобство получения товара и цена.   
Looking for a Netstumbler type program 
11:06pm 24/10/2007

I have not posted in a long time do to my work, and life in general, but I am looking for a program like Netstumbler that gives you a % of signal and not a color code. If possible to run in Ubuntu Linux but windows will work as well.

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LOLz from the folks at Nellis AFB 
06:40pm 17/01/2007
  LOLz from the folks at Nellis AFB:


Unsecured networks open door for hackers, spies

By Airman 1st Class Andrew Dumboski
99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. (AFPN) -- With wireless technology, consumers can easily network their computers within their household and access the Internet through any of their computers.

Consumers can sit in a lawn chair on their back porch and catch up on their e-mail and news, even do some online banking. But with this newfound convenience lies a new danger.


Bla bla bla

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neighbor "stealing" your wireless connection? 
09:16am 28/07/2006
  geek takes revenge on his neighbor that is stealing his wireless connection - Upside-Down-Ternet

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07:52pm 20/07/2006
  Has anybody else noticed wireless networks named "HomelandSecurity" popping up around where you live? I found one a few days ago about 20 minutes away from where I live, and just today I noticed a new one with the same name in range of my house. They're WEP encrypted but that's all. Any idea what they are?  
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10:00pm 18/07/2006
  I'm not a radio expert but have been working on a project where we are trying to use 802.11a technology in a mobile vehicle. I was looking into building a more robust wifi omni antenna for 802.11a. We have been playing with a omni directional antenna, but it's RF patterns are very narrow in the elevation azimuth and we need more range. I'm thinking that the range could be increased by either
1. some type of electronics that aims the beam to the access point.
2. a passive reflector or beam shaping device around the omni antenna, that causes incoming off center waves to either be discarded or bent. Something like a RF lens. That way reflected radio waves from the ground and such do not arrive out of phase to the line of sight signal (and cancel each other out).

Any ideas? ALso I posted a bid to work on the project, if interested.

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your tax dollars at work. 
07:25pm 22/06/2006
  OnGuardOnline.gov provides practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information.

take their wifi security quiz!!

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GCN article: WiFi is taking flight 
04:00pm 16/05/2006
  I was wondering wthat those access points were that I found in the wardriving logs.....

From Goverment Computer News (GCN):

WiFi is taking flight

By Doug Beizer,

Tucked in a corner of an airplane hangar in Iraq, an Air Force mechanic is repairing a plane’s hydraulic landing gear system when he hits a snag and needs to refer to the aircraft’s maintenance manual.

He doesn’t stop working to search for a paper manual, which may or may not be in the hangar. Instead, he pulls out a ruggedized tablet computer to access the LAN. Within minutes, he has downloaded the information he needs from a U.S.-based database and is back to work on the plane.

That scenario is a reality, said Tom Badders, director of wireless strategic development for Telos Corp. of Ashburn, Va.

Ubiquitous network connection is happening, thanks in large part to the proliferation of wireless networks for both civilian and Defense agencies.

Wireless makes sense

In many cases, wireless makes the most sense, whether it’s because of the devices people are using or because of the physical requirements of bases, buildings or conference rooms.

Telos has installed wireless networks at 85 of the Air Force’s 108 bases as well as 11 other Air Force sites worldwide, Badders said. “Primarily, it’s for maintenance and logistics operations, so we put wireless LAN coverage on flight lines, inside hangars, back shops, wherever maintenance and logistics operations are taking place.”

The wireless infrastructure extends the Air Force’s enterprise network to those whose job is to get aircraft back in the air, and increases the service’s supply chain efficiencies. Constant connection to the network lets personnel tie into maintenance databases, check tech orders on supply and logistics applications, fix equipment, update orders, read technical manuals, and order and track parts through the supply chain.


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Attention All LJ-ers with AIM screennames!! 
03:24am 17/04/2006
  For you LJ users out there, you might want to read this:

Tesser Activity

Apparently, there is a hacker relay bot that uses AIM on the loose. It takes your AIM name and another AIM user and links the two, each starting with the phrase, "I say, old bean, have you seen my hat?"

The above link explains how it works, and just be aware that if you receive this message from a screenname you don't know, don't respond. Just block the user.
Ban Trusted Computing 
07:13pm 04/04/2006
mood: F&*^@n TCPA!
From the againsttcpa.com:

"In the USA there's a planed bill, the so called CBDPTA (Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act). First it was callen SSSCA (Security Systems Standards and Certification Act). The new name reads much more harmless. Looks like the first name made it too easy to discover the purpose of this bill.

This bill plans to legally force secure (TCPA-conform) systems. So in the USA it would then not be allowed to buy or sell systems that are not TCPA-conform. Passing this law would be punished with up to 5 years of prision and up to $500.000 fine. The same would apply for development of "open" software. Open means that it would work on systems that're not TCPA-conform.

Even if this bill would only valid in the USA it would have catastrophically effects worldwide. Because US companies are not allowed to develop and sell "unsecure" software, others would have to jump onto the TCP-train, so they would give total control over themself to the TCPA (USA?), or they would have to live completely without software and harware from US-companies. No Windows, Solaris, MacOS, Photoshop, Winamp or to say it short: The largest part of all software that's used on this planet would not be usable.

Trusted Computing Video

If we would like to continue operating our computers and other appliances as we see fit, we should try everything in our powers to stop Trusted Computing from changing the computer industry.

(X-posted to several forums) Spread the word. Stay in the know. Bring down Trusted Computing, and keep our computers ours.
09:44am 20/08/2005
  I just acquired a Gateway 400SD laptop in trade for my Radeon 9700 Pro. This seems to be a great laptop. It came with a wireless card though.

I have always been interested in trying some war driving. But, I have yet to find adequate software for the Windows OS. All software that I have been finding is for Linux. I like Linux, but all of the business software I have runs on the Windows OS. I was wondering if anyone on here had a nice site that gave a good list of downloadable files for the Windows OS. I have searched alot, but have yet to find anything (other than Network Stumbler) that is worth downloading.

Also, is there any way to be tracked when war driving? I dont see how, unless they have some serious technology involved in their setup, and wouldnt it take atleast three different connections to get a position on a user entering a system?

Thanks for the help.

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10:31pm 02/08/2005
  anyone know a cell phone that does wireless data AND could connect to a ethernet ip camera?  
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how to correctly deal with open wifi networks. 
12:35pm 29/07/2005
mood: just woke up
i woke up to find this from my work mate geoff.
hq is the place i work at.
he's such a nice guy.

(10:41:00) geo79au: the is an open wireless network near HQ
(10:41:14) geo79au: i logged into their dlink adsl modem
(10:41:18) geo79au: admin admin

(10:41:46) geo79au: saved their firmware config...which just happens to be an .xml file
and read their username and password
(10:42:05) geo79au: ill send em an email an tell them their netwrok is wide open
(10:42:39) geo79au: i could log into their email account and wreak havok but i wont
(10:43:38) geo79au: someone else might, or they could get a whapping greatbig adsl bill
01:38pm 27/07/2005
  servicable used parts?
six hours of work because someone "repaired" this drive, but never fixed it. I didn't think you can repair hard drives, especially laptop drives economically. . .I thought it was easier just to replace them. Does anyone know? Has something changed. . .

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12:03pm 07/07/2005

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Best Live CD EVER!!!!!!! 
04:46am 26/06/2005
  for those of you like my self who have had issues with kismet and the new kernel(s) os late i have a wicked bit of info for you, and even if you dont have any aforementioned issues this still rocks ass!!!!


^^^^^^is the home of the most impressive live cd distro ever.

just trust me and check this out, i swear you will not be dissapointed and any way shape or form. and they have some intresting tuts too that i found to be quiet well put together. overall quite impressive.
DEFCON LJ community & WiFi events 
08:21pm 25/06/2005
mood: sick
Since someone deleted dc_stuff, and some kid already has defcon (who has not posted in their LJ for a year & the contact email rejected); I created the LJ community defcon_defcon for those DEFCON attendees (whether attendees, speakers, Goons, or even Feds) that are on LiveJournal to socialize, discuss DEFCON issues, and plan for the next one.

With that being said, anyone planning on participating in the WarDrive or Wi-Fi Shootout?
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08:25am 23/06/2005
  Has anyone ever heard of doing a simple wifi system using only the SSIDs? I had a product/software in mind that would use that. Either just some software you can run on a laptop -or- a new product using 802.11b but sort of like a portable social game thing device.
Basically two clients talking to one another, exchanging VERY simple communications using the SSID and the detection of certain fields in the SSID.
Like this.. .
assume both clients are not associated.
assume they are both running software to allow control and detection of ssid (netstumbler) type. Stations are beaconing to grab other SSID's.
assume they can record and store SSID's for later conversion and browsing.

station 1 ssid of #434$poptopic.net
station 2 ssid of #3323slashdot.org
(these are both websites of the owners of the devices)

station 1 detects #2 station SSID beacon. Assumes station #2 can see his SSID.
Stations 2 changes SSID temporarily to #3323slashdot.org#434$
station 1 detects new SSID from 2, recognizing comm software in use and acknoledged. Station 1 records SSID of station 2. (slashdot.org)
Station 1 changes ssid to #434$poptopic.net#3323 temporarily to show station 2 they communicated.
Station 2 sees new SSID from station 1 and records SSID of station 1 (poptopic.net)
Both stations revert to original ID's. Software won't allow one station to start the process again if it has already seen the other SSID (prevent duplicates) within say an hour or so.

Both users can later use a different network connection to browse the websites of the other users. Also I had some other ideas on this. I am looking for people to help develop the software if anyone is interested.

I also had an idea of people just putting their website addresses in the SSID. I know, bad security but just think how much fun wardriving would be? You collect all the SSID while driving then go check out their websites once you get on the internet.


I figured post in the linux group as all the good hacking software for wifi seems to run on linux.
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12:23pm 22/06/2005
  Skyhook Wireless Announces Commercial Availability of the Wi-Fi
Positioning System Across Top 25 Metropolitan Areas: