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how to correctly deal with open wifi networks.

i woke up to find this from my work mate geoff.
hq is the place i work at.
he's such a nice guy.

(10:41:00) geo79au: the is an open wireless network near HQ
(10:41:14) geo79au: i logged into their dlink adsl modem
(10:41:18) geo79au: admin admin

(10:41:46) geo79au: saved their firmware config...which just happens to be an .xml file
and read their username and password
(10:42:05) geo79au: ill send em an email an tell them their netwrok is wide open
(10:42:39) geo79au: i could log into their email account and wreak havok but i wont
(10:43:38) geo79au: someone else might, or they could get a whapping greatbig adsl bill
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