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It's An Art

War Driving Community
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This is the War Driving Community.

This community is made from being bored, just like war driving itself(Security Reasons? Psh ppl get bored they hack, easy).

A open community for the love of War Driving, uses of bluetooth/wireless to map bluetooth/wireless networks, or whatever. If the focus drifts, o well. For extended comments, Lj-cut would be nice.

Not expecting much but talk on wardriving in areas, and posting of info if people care to. Have a question? Ask, and it will be answered. This community is for those that do, or don't have time, people have lifes, and h/p/v/a/c alike get busy. If it gets dry, it's for a reason, if it gets heated, it's for a reason.

I assume no responsibilities, but making this, and removing inappropriate shit. Like rude pictures, or death threats that people post anywhere on the web, for reasons that no one cares about. But not limited to that.

weeve and gizmolay moderate this community.

Props to:
War Driving

WWWD Forums

UGN, UPIN, P2k, 2600, Lucky